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Through the film Slingshot Hip Hop, I was introduced to a lot of different ideas. Prior to the film I was unaware of all of the unjustices Palestinians were subjected too. I knew about the wars and hardship going on in the middle east right now, but I was unaware that this group of people was forced to live in such torn down cities with so few resources, and were not allowed to speak with family members that are located (because they were forced to be) in cities of other countries. I've never heard about this issue from a Palestinian's point of view, so I really enjoyed this film.

The group Dam is very interesting in that they are taking something that they love, hip hop music, and turning it into a movement. They are trying to make their community better by raising money to do things as simple as filling pot holes. Dam is also working to get children off the street and to turn them away from drugs and violence. They are trying to get people to realize the turmoil they are forced to live in and help change that for future generations. I think it is really important for us as Americans to read about, and see films like this, because we tend to only hear things from our government's point of view, which can be very biased. Seeing both sides of a conflict is important in any issue, and I do not think that many Americans realize the hardship and oppression this group of people is facing, because they are only told of the violence that this group has participated in, and no one really questions why they might be acting in such violent ways.

Abeer Al Zinati, "Sabreena da Witch", is an extremely inspirational person. She is being marginalized and oppressed in almost every way possible, yet she still is optimistic and does everything in her power to help her community. She is doing what she loves and isn't afraid of how people perceive her. Hearing her story made me realize how often Americans take for granted the resources we have just by living in this country. She is fighting all male powers, which is a very challenging and risky thing to do, yet she openly takes on the issues with no hesitation. Everyone should act a little more like Abeer in their everyday lives, even if the issues are not as important or substantial.

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