I feel as though the US often victimizes ourselves in situations. We act like we do nothing wrong at all when in fact, many of the terrorism that occurs in the world happens because of us. The article "Terrorism and Justice: Some Useful Truisms" definitely brought these acts to my attention and affirmed my belief that the media makes the citizens of the United States think we are the best and can't do wrong. Although we cannot correctly define "terror" or "terrorism", I feel like terrorism in general is a huge, unspoken problem with many countries that try to make their citizens feel like they haven't done anything wrong. Although, in my opinion, the US has not committed any acts of terror coming anywhere close to the detrimental results of 9-11, acts of terror are still committed by the US on other countries such as Lebanon and Afghanistan. The fact that we went to war on Afghanistan before we were even positive they had anything to do with the September 11 attack really says something about our country. We had to create some rebuttal to the attack right away and just assumed Afghanistan was part of the attack so we went killing innocent citizens in bombings. The US failed to mention they weren't positive it was Afghanistan that attacked us until months after they began attacking them. This kind of secrecy the government had makes me question a lot of other activity going on between the US and other countries. I feel like if they hid that from us for almost a year, they could be attacking other countries for the wrong reasons as well and not letting the media or anyone outside of the government know.


I was also struck by the fact that the government can pretty much do whatever they want because they have control on how it is released or expressed to the public.Whether they blatantly hide things from the public or if they release information but make it seem justified or for a better cause. How can we follow a government that cannot be trusted. How can we support democracy when our "democratic" government is destroying other country's freedom. There is so much to think about as far as our roles as citizens.... but anyways, yes I agree with you that its hard to not question our government when we find that things have been hidden or skewed from the public.

I completely agree. I feel that terrorism is taking place in a lot of different places that no one either cares or has the time to talk about. For example, if it weren't for the movie Hotel Rawanda, which I think everyone should watch, I would never have known about the genocide going on in Africa between the Hutus and the Tutsis. I feel because we live in the USA we are only able to see what the government wants us too and even subscribing to an idea that our country is not the greatest is considered unpatriotic. I studied abroad for a semester and was able to let me view the US from the outside. I have a hard time not questioning our government as well. Is ignorance really bliss??

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