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Disability is usually defined as "a loss or restriction of functional ability or activity as a result of body or mind". (Oxford English Dictionary) As a result of a definition like this disability is seen as a problem. It has been widely accepted that disabled people generally have fewer opportunities and a lower quality of life than non-disabled or able bodied people. After the discussion in class on Thursday on ableism I was able to see that there really are two main ideas on what causes the "disadvantages" that disabled people need to deal with and those are the medical idea of disability and then the social idea. There is the medical field that sees people with disabilities as having impairment when compared to able-bodied people and the social aspect sees disability as the social environment creating unequal outcomes for people with impairments. I think the negative definition as well as many people with negative attitudes causes people to have a internalized discrimination at times for people with disabilities. The main achievement for the disables was a public recognition that disability is a matter of discrimination not just of sympathy and care which was written into legislation: the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Now sixteen years later, the same problems are still here day to day. Take my apartment building for example; there is no possible way for someone who has a physical impairment to live there. This is complete inaccessibility into my building because there are stairs to every entrance, no elevator system and there are not even any ramps. Class on Thursday totally brought to light how they aren't even a consideration to the owners of my apartment complex. The link I am posting is a video called "Talk". This is a video shows a society where able-bodied people are a pitied minority and where disabled people lead full lives. It is a super interesting watch.

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