Group 6: Globalization and Conflict Metals

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Our group has decided to investigate the issue of conflict metals as an example of globalization in the context of social justice. The phrase "conflict metals" refers to the exploitation and inhumane practices involved in mining certain metals used in many consumer electronics from nations like Congo. Here's an article explaining a bit more:

This issue is important to be aware of so that we, as consumers, can avoid bolstering these unjust practices by making informed decisions when buying fancy new electronic gadgets. This topic relates to globalization in that, with today's advanced communications and transportation technology, it is exceedingly easy to manage and import these resources from formerly difficult places-- and though globalization is widely supported as the future of capitalism, its fallout leaves many people at a continuing disadvantage, thus perpetuating a neoliberal capitalist agenda. Mogadam Valentine mentions that as globalization continues it there will be more conflict/violence and this documents the reality behind neo-imperial practices in Africa that correlates to histories of exploitation in Africa by Western Powers.

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