Reteaching Disability

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I had seen this video a couple years ago, and the talks about disability have brought me to reexamine the main points of Aimee Mullins. She says in the beginning of her TED talk that her fear was that the adults would tell the children not to stare at her legs, that the curiosity in the difference turns into fear of the unknown. They learned for themselves that those with a disability are in the same way normal and human. The Ableist attitudes only present themselves with the social construction of fear of the unknown and different.
I love her comment about Pamela Anderson's amount of prosthetics in her body. "No one calls her disabled!" She challenges the conception of disabled.
We have the technologies to allow those who are disabled to live a happy, normal, even enhanced life. Aimee Mullins is a great example of this. She presents prostheses that are simple and affordable to rehabilitate those around the world. Unfortunately, the ableist attitudes permeate into the global culture and marginalize those who are different.

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