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I think the ableism is kind of insult to the disabled people, the disabled people always living in the low self-esteem and the world they think is dark and unfair, "I can't have the healthy body like others? Why I was disabled by this kind or that kind of reasons? The world is unfair to me " these sentence it seems always said by the disabled people.

In our primary school the teacher want us to give the respect to disabled people and know the world they life in, so she let us play a game, she bounded some classmates hands, use the scarf to covered others eyes and plugged the ears, suddenly the world was changed, we can't do anything like usual, and the easy things like eating, walking, talking was really difficult for us, somebody can't heard each other, somebody crashed to the shelf or desk, somebody cannot ate cookie without hands' help, everything at that time are difficult for us, after 30 minutes when the game finished, we back to the normal state, all of the classmates thought it is lucky to be a normal people, the disabled people world is really difficult , we should try our best to help them and give them more respect. For that time the non-ableism is stayed in every classmates mind.

At now, when I see the disabled people need help, I will try my best to help them, because I know they really need help and also need respect. I think in the future I should also try my best to let all the people know everyone is equal, the ableism should disappeared in everyone mind.

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I agree with you, we should all try to help disabled people and try and make them feel as normal as possible.
Although the activity your teacher did was a little unconventional, I think it would be helpful to do that activity with all young students so they have a better understanding of what it is like to be different.
It really isn't fair to disabled people to be treated differently since they did not choose to be this way. They shouldn't be considered different than everyone else, however changing that belief will be very difficult. First we have to get rid of the idea that someone different isn't as good as someone normal.

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