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After completing the course, I'm still unsure as to what justice is. Personally, I would say that justice is thinking of everyone as equal. Everyone is normal and there really isn't a category of different. This is a problem because although we should treat everyone as equals and be kind to everyone, some people need more assistance than others. Considering them equal would remove the assistance that they need to survive. Although we should see disabled persons as equal, we define them as disabled for a reason - we know they need more help doing certain things than the rest of us. If we consider them equal and remove that assistance, they won't make it because the rest of us will "run them over" in the "race to survive", so to speak. Because of this, justice isn't seeing everyone as equal. Justice is... giving everyone what they need to be equal. Yet, even that has its flaws - you can't just give people anything they need. Although I feel I have the right idea of justice, I don't think I can define justice.
I do feel that I have a better understanding of justice than when I first began this class. Looking back at my previous post about what justice is, I don't think I really had a grasp on the concept. Especially not like the one I do now. Maybe someone out there can spend their life creating a million page document that defines justice... maybe. I, however, cannot. My best, yet flawed, answer would be "treating everyone as equals". Or maybe "seeing everyone as equal".

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