Defining Justice

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I have been putting off this blog entry for a bit now because I am unsure of how I define justice. Prof Isoke made it clear to me today that you can't recognize/understand justice unless you are educated on injustice. Although, I am a major in GWSS and am very well versed in social injustices, yet the answer doesn't seem clear. I believe the trouble is trying to define justice within a nice one sentence package, such as something Websters' can achieve. Justice takes on so many forms, it is no wonder why this simple question is hard to define. Justice begins in education, only through this lens can we get a better glimpse of someone else's reality. Fighting the institutions which bring about injustices is a form of justice. Whether or not social justice is a passion for you or not, life is in the details and you can find ways to integrate the issue of justice in your daily routine. It could be going out of your way to understanding someone else more or speaking up within a conversation that is especially oppressive in language.
I use the material I learned in this class everyday. I never forget about the lessons of justice and the social inequalities that exist. The blatant disregard for these issues is apparent everywhere and when you learn about these issues, you can't avoid seeing it. I use classes such as this one to always challenge my beliefs and questions my own abilities to remain open minded. Liberty-and-Justice-for-Sale.gif

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I really like your pictures. They fit the definition of justice that is not shown in America. The things that are left unseen purposefully in our society is apparent not only in these pictures, but as you said, life. Only when you know injustice can you know justice; it's as if as a society, we're unable to reach the definition of justice completely, which in itself is an injustice.

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