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As the case for most people, this class has really opened my eyes to a lot of the injustices present in the world today. For me in particular, I was really struck by a lot of the things talked about in this class. I'm not going to say that I didn't care about issues that have been brought up in class prior to this semester, but they definitely were not on my mind nor did I think of them as really being pressing issues. Now at the end of the semester, I couldn't be more thankful for having taken this class. Not only has it opened my eyes to new issues but also has changed some of my views and perspective on things that I thought I knew about. I don't think that I will take another GWSS class, but what I have learned this semester will carry on throughout my life and I believe will have a lasting impact. The biggest thing that I will take away is knowing how privileged I am. More specifically being a middle class white American citizen. I never saw myself as this nor was I ever really forced to look at myself through a gender/race/economic lens.
I don't think that this class has inspired me to become an activist or anything like that but its effects on me has been drastic and I will hopefully continue to be aware and open to learning about injustices going on. This class has helped me further understand the world we live in and not to be so narrow minded. This information is implemented throughout my day to day life and I believe has made me a better person.
Justice for me now has a new meaning. At the beginning of this class I would have defined it as being something along the line of everyone being treated equally. I would now define justice as education. Being aware of things and people around you and how they are being treated and also having others being aware of you and hearing your story. It is unjust how we can live in a world where it is so easy to pretend that everything is alright. This is above all else what I have taken from this class.

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