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Justice. That one 7-letter word carries an incomprehensible amount of weight. Coming into this class, I had a very uninformed, vague definition. After the first day, I knew right away that I really had no idea what I was talking about. I imagined justice to be a blissful peace where everyone was happy and got along. Now, I realize there is so much more that goes into a just world and achieving justice. So what is it? For me, it is a level of respect and dignity that accompanies being a human being. It is a standard that we need to hold the world to, a standard of fairness and equality that has unfortunately never existed. It is a system of beliefs that values and respects each individual's choices and values and beliefs. Justice, to me, should be our common goal as a world, something we are always striving to reach, something we are constantly seeking to improve.

Unfortunately, because only seven letters are used to encompass such a large and complex idea, not everyone has the same view. There are people, however, that are passionate about the importance of bringing issues to people's attention, and thus, little by little, the world can gain a greater understanding of what needs to be fixed so that we may one day live in a peaceful, fair world.

I have never been as aware of how much injustice there is in this world before taking this class. Each of these readings opened my eyes further to how even the simplest things really do affect people. Every day, I notice injustices that I had never really paid attention to. Now, however, I am making a conscious effort to no longer perpetuate the vicious cycle and I am trying to no longer just accept white privilege and such. It may sound small, but I think that in this world, even the littlest action that helps to eliminate any present injustice is helpful. I want to help unite our world, equally. It may not always be an easy journey, but it will forever be worthwhile and meaningful.


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