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Over the past few months, this class has given me a bigger perspective of the world. I was really fascinated with the readings because they brought insight of how some groups’ are oppressed and marginalized. I thought feminism was just about women taking actions to gain the same rights as men. I did not see how this can be applicable to our current, modern world. This class has taught me about the privileges that people can have base on race/class, ableism, sexism, and gender. I have also learned about how social hierarchies, genocide, war, violence, colonialism, and imperialism have contributed to oppression. I never really thought about the privileges I have as being a female with no disabilities and growing up in a middle class family. Even though I am African American and know the history of marginalization against my race, I do not let that define me as a person. I am proud of the social changes that occurred in the past and do not want to be a victim of the negativity. I like the social changes that are occurring with the LGBT community. Many people are becoming aware on how others want to live their life and hopefully this will result in legalizing gay marriage in the US.

I define justice as fairness and equality among human beings. Also by having love, compassion, and respect towards others who are different from you. Before this class, I always associated justice with the law. I strongly believed that criminals going to jail or dying on the death penalty was justice. I liked how this class opened my eyes and shown me that there are other elements to justice than the law. This is great for me because now I can be more open in my future studies since my major is political science.

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I agree, I think it is good that there are social changes in the LGBT community and hopefully legalize gay marriage. I also associated justice with the law, but it is so much more then that!

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