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When I started this class, I was not really sure what I was going to learn or what justice really is. This class has been not only one of the most interesting but one of the most eye-opening. I supposed I never really looked at situations from so many perspectives or point of views. I did not realize how injustices are actually occurring all the time across the spectrum and this class definitely brought them to light. I really appreciated the way we all had open discussions in our class and were able to really hear different perspectives and insights on the material we were learning. From learning about the privileges that white people may have unconsciously from Peggy McIntosh to opening up yourself to new understandings of others and finding pleasure in everything you do from Leela Fernandas. I think this class allowed many of us to look at ourselves and ask ourselves what are personal contributions albeit good or bad that we are making towards the fight against different injustices.

For me justice is something that can and will be defined by each person differently. It comes not only from our environments and experiences but HOW it has been experienced in situations around us. To me, justice to be means being fair, aiming to reach equality, and standing up for what you believe in. I think in this day and age, it is impossible to get away from all the different social classes and wealth barriers from all the different groups because all of our perceptions are different from one person to the next. What we do need to do no matter what color we are or how much money we have is to accept those around us for who they are.

Below is a picture of the Amnesty International Symbol. I believe they are the epitome of the words, fighting for justice.

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