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I am so happy I decided to take this class this semester. Before taking it, I discovered that I had a very limited knowledge about justice. In one of my first blogs I mentioned a quote from the U.S. Department of Justice that gave a very dry and typical explanation of what justice is. It essentially states that justice is achieved through punishment. However, this class has made me realize that there are so many ways in which people are treated unjustly and that there are many ways to treat people with justice. I've since then taken a look from many different perspectives at issues in our society. From discrimination, marginalization, and gender inequality, I have had a whole new perspective. The most important thing I learned this whole semester however, was that when considering what is just, I must consider the conflict from all angles. Never before had I thought of gender other than being male or female. Although I've always been a supporter of gay rights, I had never taken such a close look at how unjustly the GLBTQ community is treated in most cases. I had never thought about gender as being anything else besides male or female. And that's not because I was certain that there is only male or female, it was because I had never been challenged to think that way. I am also much more aware of white privilege and this knowledge has changed my political and social opinions very much. I am glad that I am no longer ignorant of how some of my opportunities were possible because another group of people was being oppressed. Overall, this class has made me feel more connected with the global community. I was challenged to look past the commonly taught idea that the United States is the best country on Earth and that we can never be wrong. I was very honored to be in this class and to work with so many people with different backgrounds and ideas. It is one class that has changed my perspective of the world and of justice in many ways, and I am certain I will remember it and most of the lessons learned, my whole life. Thanks to everyone for making this such an amazing class!

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I completely agree with your comment in saying you "had never been challenged to think that way." I too felt I had so many ideas of what the different topics we were talking about involved. Now after the class I feel that I have a whole new definition of almost all those areas that have always existed but have just never gotten justice before and that is the whole purpose of this class, to challenge the thinking of what gender means, what race means, what privilege means, for us to see that justice isn't being served to all those people.
I too, will remember all these lessons, they are too impacting to be forgotten.

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