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This class has opened my eyes to many more areas to battle injustice. There needs to be a change in the ideology and approach to "justice." I have been inspired by this class to pursue some kind of graduate program that is centered around international relations and the governmental response to injustice. I hope that I will be able confront some of the issues that arise regularly because there is a lack of education and not enough attention given to issues that will be so important globally. There is a real need for educated, compassionate, ambitious people to unite against all forms of injustice and work for the betterment of the global society at large, and I plan to step up to that challenge.

Thinking of how I define justice now is still a difficult concept to grapple with. Although I have been taught through the readings and discussions regarding concepts of injustice, I find it difficult to come to a conclusive definition. Because justice morphs itself in each individual situation, I'm not sure there is one right way of describing it. I would have to say that justice is not vengeful of combative in nature, but is accepting, tolerant, and provides educational opportunities for all those whom subscribe to it's tenets.

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