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Ways I plan to use the information I have taken away from this class, are difficult to name. There was so much info. that really had eye-opening effects on me. I'm going to try to be more aware of the people in my surroundings, not stereotype, and put myself in their shoes. I would like to speak up more when it comes to what's wrong and right, for instance white privilege, I will try to acknowledge. Along with acknowledging things, I want to try to acknowledge people's abilities/disabilities (different ableness) in life, and be more helpful to them.

Justice to me gives me a feeling of pride, happiness, and wholeness. Whether it's witnessing a wheelchair ramp being put up in a building, and seeing and differently abled person go on it, or if it's calling someone an identifiably correct term (correct in their senses of how they identify themselves). Justice is the action of doing right, and the examples of actions doing right have expanded in my understanding greatly.

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