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Well this semester has definitely been an eye opener for me and many others I'm sure. I have thought about things in ways I didn't know you were able to think about them! Starting with the first article about white privilege and continuing on through today's article Where there is love, there is pain. I had previously never stopped to think about the unseen, unearned privileges that I have had my entire life but never realized. There are many things I have taken for granted, like the inheritances that have been passed down for generations in my family that others may not have. After being in this class I have been able to have deep and meaningful conversations with my friends and family members about some of the issues we discussed in class. I hope that I can use my knowledge about these issues to help raise awareness of what has happened in the past that has shaped the way our society is today and to help make an effort to bring about the change that our society needs to see. We are the key to making the future better. We need to start to redefine justice and expose the "injustices" all over. Justice to me is that everyone has the same opportunities and the same privileges and the same abilities and is seen as the same and as equals. In a just world no one can take advantage of or belittle another because everyone is as great as everyone else. We need to change the paradigm of our world to achieve justice. After all isn't that was America was made for? Wasn't it made so that there would be peace and justice for all?
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