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I'd like to define justice as being fair, in other words, responsibility for one's actions and protection of the future. However, there are always occasions that the fairness can be interrupted, consequences that must follow, and punishment that must be imparted. If someone has knowingly caused damage then it is clear that restitution should be sought in the form of goods or services. Of course, it has different forms in each nation or society. However, there is always common virtue of morality that every human being should keep track of. To prevent the possible corruption of the morality, there are so many tools available such as education and imprisonment, etc. There are many chances for people to be provided if they caused trouble in the society. However, the chances are given after measuring the price that society has to pay to rebuild the damages. If the probable price is higher than society expects then either the criminal will have to contribute to the cost of his own re-education or he will be removed or killed. Justice is the last thing to be implemented for those who are against the society for the good of majorities.

Through this course, I could see the issues more objectively from different perspectives. It was really interesting that there are many different point of view on the subject. And I came to know more about feminism in the States and I could compare the feminism in the States with that of asain countries.

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