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From this class, I have learned that justice is not easily defined and everyone has a different take on how to create and carry out justice. We have discussed many different issues I have never thought about prior to this class, that will ultimately shape the decisions I make in the future. I will now stop and wonder whether or not I am inadvertently causing someone else an injustice by the things that I buy or the simple decisions that I make, that I would have never realized before.

Gender justice is the equality between all people regardless of their gender or sexuality. Equality does not mean that everyone needs to act and preform actions like the dominant group; it means that the differences between individuals are accepted and appreciated. These differences are all considered equal; no one is better than the others, they are all of the same caliber but they just differ between groups and individuals. Gender justice is also feeling free to express yourself in the ways that you want to without the fear of being judged or considered inferior to the major groups of society. Feminism is the fight for gender justice of all people who are considered other and inferior to other groups in society across the world. It is a life style that does not discriminate or marginalize any groups of people while trying to reach their own equality. Feminists are people who do not voluntarily take part in industries that exploit others; they are aware of these industries and work to ultimately change the way society operates, since currently it only advances using the exploitation of certain groups of people.


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