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In this semester I have the GWSS class, in the past four months this class gave me a lot of knowledge about different part of justice in the world, and also gave me the big challenge and the refresh about my old ideas, when I walk into this class I can feel my eyes open, and our focus is on the most important point of this world.

I really interested in the terrorism and gender topic, because I never learn and talk more about these topic in China, the movie in class was really attractive, I never watched the movie can touch my heart so much, when I watched movie about terrorism, every seconds was a kind of baptism and shock for my heart. The freedom of media and speech also makes me feel comfortable, I can talk and watch any kind of movie about sensitive topic I want, the professor gave me the respect as a Chinese international student. I did not found the Discrimination against Chinese. This make me feel really good.

For the justice, at the beginning I think justice topic is really far for my life and is really boring, in Chinese culture justice is the topic that American always argue about and not have any practical significance, but when finish the study my mind changed and I really like to talk about the justice, I realize injustice and justice in the daily life. Talk about justice with my friend, not only the American friends, but also the Chinese friends. I think the day when I go back China this class will always influence me a lot, I will try my best to fight for the justice in China. This is I never image before the class.

For me justice is : equal, balance, life, education, brief, and the pursue. This class changed my world and open my the end I want to say "Justice is for every one ,every time. "I really love this class!

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