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So when I started this course my women's studies had largely been what I like to call "white-bread feminism." A lot of it was the history of first and second wave feminist movements, which were mostly made up of white, straight, able-bodied women. In the second wave, other minority groups were able to join in but much of that was due to the civil rights movement.
I feel like this class gave me an education for third wave feminism. Intersectionality and finding justice for all groups facing injustices are the most important points for the new generation of feminists, which I consider myself part of. Of course the same issues--reproductive rights, equal pay--still have clout, but as a middle class white woman I need to learn to view them from the lens of someone who has historically suffered more injustices than I have.
Justice is more than someone being punished for their misdeeds. It is actively working to repair injustices of the past and present and working for equality for the future. In this course I have learned about injustices, some known and others unknown to me. And in learning about injustices that might be invisible to us we can begin to fix them.

And now Ruth Bader Ginsburg!



I absolutely agree; I had entered with a "white-bread feminism" viewpoint as well. The class has done a wonderful job of pointing out how we need to let go of our socialized conceptions that have permeated society in order to enact social change.

I completely agree with your point that we must look at this issue from the perspective of other people. I had never really been challenged to think that much beyond my own experiences and I'm so happy that this class caused me to think differently.

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