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This semester has been a really eye-opening journey for me when it comes to understanding the meaning of justice and, more specifically, gender justice. One of the definitions for justice that I created myself is pretty encompassing of our main ideas discussed as a class: I think justice is the ability to recognize the oppressive forces in our society and putting forth the effort to eradicate these forces as well as the institutionalized ideas and norms that created them. The most important, and probably most challenging, aspect of creating justice throughout the world is this idea of preventing our institutions to hold as much power in creating our society's idea of what is normal.

Things that are "traditional" and ideological in our society include heterosexuality, patriarchal values, white supremacy, and able-bodied people. And these things we hold valuable to our belief system today come from a long history of the same thing. To eradicate social hierarchies we must fight against the existing power structure and social institutions that hold much of the power.

Everyone struggles with being a minority at some point in their lives. Although I am white and do not suffer from being economically or physically disadvantaged, there other other areas where I sometimes feel marginalized and oppressed. The best we can do is look on the bright side and appreciate what we do have, as well as find the courage to stand up for ourselves and others against the majority when we feel like justice needs to be accomplished. I will engage myself and others in jumping across boundaries of injustices, and reaching a point of developing proactive ideas and putting them into action. I wish to create a life for myself that is predicated upon finding justice, and I will encourage others to do the same as well

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I like the definition you created for justice, I feel as though recognizing the oppressive forces in our society is more than half the battle. Many people are blinded by unearned privilege and are unable to see anything greater than themselves, rather something or someone that may be less fortunate than themselves. I agree, we must fight against the existing power structures that are present in our society and the social institutions that our nation buys into. Something that we should learn from, as Audre Lorde taught her children: it doesn't matter if you win or you lose, as long as you do it fighting.

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