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The information,readings and discussions we had in this class were powerful. I have read several of the assigned readings but every time they are different because of the differing people in the class, and the variety of understandings.
Each time, I gain something new,or realize it applies to something I have seen, heard or done recently. It is eye-opening every time, some were new- like the Ableism articles, which have allowed to more fully critique and realize my own complacency in oppressions that are often an afterthought, yet are deeply connected to my own life. Ultimately, learning helps me to take my life in my own direct- as Audre Lorde would say-incorporate the erotic- in my life and future. It gives me courage to live my life for convictions that are my own, not those predetermined by society, and to speak out, even when I may stand alone. And " not to settle for the convenient, the shoddy, the conventionally expected, nor the merely safe". How that will play out in my life has yet to be seen, I hope it means using what I know to have the patience to listen, decolonize my own life and mind and work toward a more peaceful country& life...whatever that may look like.

In terms of the definition of "justice", that is still hard for me to define. I suppose I am most apt to define it in humanist and universalist terms- the creation of systems that are malleable, defy violence in all its forms, and makes space for multiple forms of knowledge and truth, not simply the truth of those who are strongest. Justice is enabling everyone to access a life of affirmation. Leela Fernandez's writings on spirituality and life of non-violence closely capture what I imagine as a pathway to justice. Maybe creating a strict definition is not in the best interest of the word...maybe leaving it open to a variety of possibilities and meanings will in fact serve us all for the better.

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