Gender identity

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When talking about the Gender identity, as a Chinese it is very embarrassed, because in China the Gay and Lesbian is the sensitive topic and I don't think In China the Gay and Lesbian have their rights like America Gay and Lesbian have. In Chinese culture it is hard to accept the man or woman become a gay or lesbian.if someone become a gay or lesbian, other will look he/she very uncomfortable, and he or she maybe become the topic that all the people talks about and will have a lot of troubles when he or she working in the office with others. Although choice the lifestyle is every ones freedom, but when choosing the gay and lesbian, it will face the big pressure. And the pressure can make someone get mad. I can't understand the reason why the people become gay and lesbian, but I think the treatment Chinese people for gay and lesbian is too serious. The gay and lesbian always live in the dark and didn't have any connection with others. How poor they are. In the recent years, because many young people go to abroad the concept about gay and lesbian is changing, more and more people are try to accept the gay and lesbian. The gay and lesbian are not like the strangers in the past, maybe in the future the Chinese can totally accept the gay and lesbian gay and lesbian will find their rights which are coming late.

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