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Attached is our groups prezi on the Genocide in Rwanda.

Our group focused on all the areas of life that the Genocide effected, the lack of involvement from the international community, how the people tried to gain justice for themselves, and the hope that is now occurring through the land.

Laurie Hanson
Chunguang Zhu
Jennifer Randall
Jessica Sieg
Alison Berkas


Do you think forgiving someone who killed your family is considered as justice? Have you related your thoughts to Iraq war where US was major part of?

Is there anything being done to help those that are trying to forgive those that killed, such as support groups, counselors, etc.?

I liked how you spoke that revenge against these matters doesn't really bring back those who have suffered at the hands of genocide. What laws have been put into place to stop these injustices?

I was wondering if the government of Rwanda have any programs that decrease the tensions of the Hutus' and Tutsis'? These are the groups that haven't forgiven one another.

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