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Human trafficking is a huge phenomena happening all around the world today. Often, we don't hear much about human trafficking so we assume it isn't happening in our country as well, when in fact it is going on here. Traffickers take advantage of women and their desire for jobs by tricking them into leaving their country forever and being trafficked in a foreign, scary place. Vulnerability is something that sex traffickers prey on because it is a weakness that allows those being trafficked to trust more easily because they have no choice, and this dependence is what makes them helpless. One type of human trafficking in particular that interested us is mail order brides. This is a form of trafficking, once again, that people in the US assume isn't occurring here, but actually many men order foreign, "exotic" women to be their wives.

The mail order bride business is thriving now more than ever due to the enhancements in technology and the increasing accessibility of the internet to almost anyone. Globalization has definitely played a huge role in the prosper of the mail order bride business. Even if someone doesn't own a computer, they can simply go to the library or a different public place and use the internet. Mail order brides are actually the most rapidly expanding transnational crime that exploits woman sexually.

The mail order bride websites tend to succeed because they target middle-aged men who have had trouble finding a wife or girlfriend. It is a cheap way of finding one because they do not have to pay for dates or anything of that sort. The average cost for the man to spend on everything during the process of receiving his mail order bride is somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000, which includes purchasing the address of the woman, sending letters, long distance phone calls, purchasing the catalog of the women, online website fees, airfare, and Roman Tour. Many men do not realize how expensive mail order brides are until they are already far into the process.

There have been many good outcomes that result from mail order brides, but there have also been many horror stories. One in particular that is very famous is the murder of Anastasia King - the "murdered immigrant" is her nick-name. The media paid so much attention to it because her husband had apparently abused a different mail order bride before. Because of this murder, as well as many others, the US made a law prohibiting men to order mail order brides without having a complete background check. For the victims that do not get murdered, Civil Society, an NGO, provides many services to mail order brides such as shelter, and medical and psychological care.

To explain human trafficking, one has to understand the idea of exploitation. Women are promised a stable job in a foreign country but end up trapped in the sex trade. As discussed in class, justice as revitalization would be something that could help enact justice in the lives of those effected by trafficking. Although by revitalizing justice, people must take into account the culture and history of the people being victimized as to not try to rule by our American Exceptionalism that was depicted in an essay by Lucinda Peach.

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I was wondering what you suggest we do to help regulate this so that the women are not exploited. How can it be a voluntary thing to be a mail order bride so that women are not coerced into this?

Do those who end up being mail order brides actually want to get married? Or are they coerced into this by some threats?

Do those who end up being mail order brides actually want to be someone's wife? Or Are they coerced into this by some threats?

What are the consequences, if any, for men who abuse, traffic or rape these women? Are the women more often punished and criminalized, rather than being treated as victims? And if they are deported, do you know how often the women return to mail-order sites in an effort to return to a better country?

My question is if this women are coerced or are forced into this industry, is this an international law that is broken since a lot of this women are travelling through international borders when they move around?

Do you guys know anything about if these women end up happily married? Yes, I understand that the circumstances behind the marriages are less than desirable, but do they ever find happiness despite being "bought"?

If women are completely willing to be bought and trafficked does that mean they are breaking the law? It doesn't seem fair that only the men running these operations would get in trouble. And are women involved in trafficking, abusing, and raping mail order brides?

I know that you guys said that this was perfectly legal, but wouldn't it be to a certain scale of prostitution? Trafficking would mean they're coerced against their will, however, these women seem willing by taking seductive pictures and their descriptions, and what not. Are some of these women unaware of their "mail order bride" status?

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