Human trafficking

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I can't imaging the human can be a commodity, in our history test book, we know the black triangle marketing about the human trafficking, the African young men are like the commodity which be sold by the white men, lots of people died in the long sea trip. The sharks always followed the ship how do the Human trafficking, because the sharks know the food was come, the trafficker will throw the died people body in the sea, and these died people will become the sharks dinner. It really makes me feel scared and angry why the horrible things happened. In my opinion the human trafficking deep reason is the money, the huge interest makes the trafficker do the trafficking without any guilt feeling. The human trafficking is not only happened in black and white people, but also the male and female, lots of female are sold to the different part of the world, their poor life began at the time when they were sold. In last year I went to a small village in Veteran, some strong people like the football player asked me to bought a young girl, I never had this kind of experience before, shaked my head and drove away quickly. Now I know this is a kind of human trafficking, and it is also real happened in the world. But these kind of horrible things should disappear in the world, let us us our own power to resist the human trafficking.

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