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This class has truly been eye opening. I came into this class not really knowing what to expect except for information on the word justice. I thought i knew what justice was, that it was just fairness and equal opportunity for all. Now 3 1/2 months later I am completing a class with a whole new understanding. This class has given me insight to justice, but also to different people who are faced with injustice. Through our readings, class discussions and blog posts I have been able to create a whole new understanding of topics such as racism, feminism and gender justice, all topics I thought I knew a lot about. Also it has given me a whole new understanding of topics such as ableism, human trafficking, marginalization and globalization, that I had never spent much time thinking into, but only of the definition. I really think I am able to have this understanding because of the way everyone was able to share personal experiences involving either themselves or someone close to them. Learning through experience gives such an insight on topics that you know only from an outside perspective. This class has taught me to think of these issues as being more then just a definition. I left this class everyday and brought the topic discussed to my friends or family members. I was sometimes mad, mad at how brutal the world is, mad at my classmates for some of their thoughts because I didn't agree or sometimes mad at myself because I started feeling guilty because I didn't know how horrible some of these things were before. I began to realize this was good though, this meant these subjects were getting through to me. I now have so much realization into the importance of justice for so many people that have it so much worse then myself. I also now can realize injustice a lot more on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, because it is everywhere.
Just as i defined in one of my first blogs, justice doesn't have a clear definition because it is given different in all areas of life and different to all people. Now more though I understand that if justice had a definition this class wouldn't exist, because it would mean everyone is getting fair opportunity, but this class taught the exact opposite of that, that injustice is everywhere. Justice to me means recognizing everyone for who they are, whether who they are is by choice or not. It still means giving equal opportunity to all but not because we have to, but because we must.

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