The Terrorism

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No one could forgot the 911, the black day in the American history. The whole world was shocked and sad when the 911 happen. The terrorism give thousand and thousand family in America the deep hurt, and give the whole world a big challenge to solve the problem about terrorism. The murder aim to the specific person, the political assassinations aim to the government, this kind of crime can be called the crime which have the reason, but the terrorism is the crime which have no reason. Aimed to the innocent people, this kind of crime should be despise or everyone. I never image the someone will kill or hurt others without any reason. But the terrorism make me believe, the extreme people can do anything beyond you imaginations, and break your perception of crime. In the class video, the crime and violent give me the deep feeling. The poverty can cause a man a city or a country get crazy and do anything no matter how violence it is. it also make me think about the gap between poor and rich. If these people have no pressure about housing or food, what is the result? I am fully convince that the terrorist have their own reason to become a terrorist. These reasons I think is all about the material. Life is the most valuable thing, if someones life faced challenge or can't life, The power he or she can break is really big and the desire for survive can lead he or she do anything, the crime or terrorism is the worst. For my opinion solving the problem about the terrorism is found the deep reason why the terrorism happened and what the terrorists want before they become the terrorists. If can know these things I think the thousands of people can be saved.

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Based on some reckless religious or fanatic foundation, terrorism is entirely destructive phenomena that is really hard to be controlled. It causes death of thousands and millions of people with no well-grounded reasons. I think it is about to become one of the major curses of the contemporary reality.

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