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Justice is..
This course has allowed me to look within myself to see how I can help bring justice out. There is still no real answer of what justice is for me, and despite all the readings and discussions I still do not have one set definition. What I know is this.. injustice is many things but "othering", for me, is the ultimate source of injustice. To put humans in a sub-human category and treating them as though they are less than human is the ultimate source of injustice in my opinion. Could it be because I am African-American and know what it means to be viewed as sub-human? Possibly. Could it be because GWSS 1005-001 gave me a platform to analyze how so many groups of people have been "othered"? Yes. I can acknowledge that I am privileged despite the fact that I am underprivileged and categorized. But when it comes to justice I have to be comfortable with stepping out of that privileged space and see what others endure. This means going out of the country and experiencing life outside of the United States. Fighting for other groups' justice as well as my own.
When I think of justice I think of me, because it begins with my ability to sacrifice harmful ideologies and privileges that perpetuate cycles of inequality, violence, and reinscribe stereotypes (among other things). I want to see many injustices that plague society right now subside before I leave this planet. And it starts with me. Justice for me is getting the stigma and hate surrounding HIV/AIDS to vanish. To heighten the awareness for this virus and disease. And to get funding the help treat this virus and disease. I will dedicate my time to ensuring that these things get set in motion. Justice to me is being able to walk into a store and not be followed. Justice to me is not categorizing the blind man on the street, or the autistic child in class. Justice is you and me, because together WE make things happen. WE can change the plight of generations of ethnic groups and people who have been labeled as "other". WE can affect change. This course gave me the insight and hope for a better life and a world where I can affect change. I am hungry for justice. I want it, and I will do my best to uphold it and embody what it means to be just.


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