What is justice?

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What is justice? This is such a simple question, yet it requires the most complex of answers. I want to start out by telling what justice, to me, is not. I do not believe that retaliation in any way, shape, or form is justice. If someone does something to you, you should not look for any and every opportunity to get back at them. That is something that will only worsen the situation. One of my life-long favorite quotes has been, "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind," which was given to us from the heart of Gandhi. I believe it is wise to never retaliate, but to try and understand the motives behind the person who wronged you. I, also, do not think it is just to try and tell people what they are and what they are not. I think that the only person who has the ability to define an individual is the individual themselves. People who place labels or titles on people by just looking at them really get to me. I think people need to take the time to get to know people before making any statements pertaining to them. Now about what I think justice is... I think justice is present where respect, love, and acceptance are overflowing. If you aim to respect someone, you will not go tearing them down or telling them who or what they are or should be. I think that respect comes when you are able to understand something, so that is where acceptance comes in. You need to take the time to be mindful of what something, or someone, essentially is to be able to accept it. Once you are able to understand, then it is easier to relate, or to view things from that different perspective. It takes respect to accept something and acceptance, in turn, brings more respect. Where love comes in is basically all around and over the situation. I don't mean you have to fall in love with every person you meet or thing you come across, but I really believe there is power in being a loving person. I really believe that happiness stems from love and that acting out of love is the way to ensure peace.

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