What is Justice

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For my opinion justice is the balance in the social real life. It is hard to remove all kinds of conflict in the social real life, but it can found the balance to keep all levels people remained stable, and not have the apparent conflict. The balance I thought is the justice.it is also hard to give a destination about what is justice, because in the different values, the way to judge is also different. Because of the different values about the judgement the justice will be changed. Maybe somethings happened in America caused the citizen strong dissatisfaction and make the citizen think is injustice, but no dissatisfaction in China and maybe think it is justice. Although justice is the people's requirement in life, live better is an topic for every time, every one. Having a rule to regulate the way people found their better life is important, and this rule also can be called "justice", sometimes justice likes the air which can not be seen but does real exist. In the past 100 years China, the concept of justice is more and more clear in the citizen's memory, and requirement is stronger and stronger. The area that Chinese people ask justice is not only confined about their personal life, but also including the environment, national sovereignty and some big topic. The website is talk about the Chinese citizen ask the environment protection and resist the chemical factory in Dalian the city located in eastern China. And found their justice about living safety.

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