Group Case Study Page--GWSS 1005 Final Projects

Group 1: State Sponsored Terrorism

Topic: TBA

Cassara Harmelink
Bessie Browne
Hannah Hill
An An Hua
Simar Warraich

Group 2: Globalization
Topic: TBA

Abby Schanfield
Alex Moore
Mckenzie Purtell
Stephanie Nwaudo

Group 3: Neoliberalism
Topic: TBA
Aria Weatherspoon
Rebecca Mahoney
Erika Farrell
Gabe Hilden-Reid
Alyssa McCoy

Group 4: Disability
Topic: TBA

Ashley Morschen
Aly Fenlon
Sammi Alisankus-Baumgartner
Jay Lim

Group 5: Gender Justice
Topic: TBA

Kelly McConnell
Emily Dagggett
Ellen Ferencek
Hannah Reichebaum

Group 6: Genocide
Topic: TBA

Laurie Hansen
Jenny Randall
Zhu Chunguang
Jessica Seig
Alison Berkas

Group 7: Human Trafficking
Topic: TBA

Anna Pereira
Brenda Soku
Megan harris
Shannon Conroy
Connor Wright

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