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No! Presentation

I wanted to let everyone know that we had a great presentation on Tues. We did have three guests, one of which was a man! We were able to get into a really good discussion about violence against black women. We talked a lot about how media and music influence this type of violence. The guests that came had also never seen the tip drill video so we watched a part of that as well. Tyler, who was the one guy that came, talked about how men need to really think about how they use their aggression and how that affects women in a larger context. We also talked a lot about how the history of black women plays into the rape and abuse of women of color. One of the guests, her name was Samantha, said that she has never thought about being white and then being a women which is one thing that was mentioned in the film. Many women of color are taught that they are black first and women second and that really impacted Samantha. I am excited to talk to the class about the experience and I hope you all at some point have a chance to see this great film!


I too enjoyed the presentation. Viewing the film hit home for me because I went through the same thing that the first girl went through in the film. Like her I didn't know that what happened could be called rape. I think a lot more women should come forward and talk about what happened to them and more men need to take responsibilty for their actions. Even if they think she is just playing NO MEANS NO!!!