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Videos to think about (Final Blog)

First off after class today and talking about whether or not there was any new and uplifting progressive rap and it made me think of this video that I read about by a kid at NYU, it's really awesome!!

If this is what heard and starts to "infiltrate" (for lack of a better world) the mainstream media I think rap and hip hop can have so much to offer and go back to the idea of using rap as a way to rebel, speak out, motivate, and being more conscious.

This is the link. (Sorry, I don't know how to do videos in the blog-o-sphere)

One last think I'll mention is that I guess there is a new movie coming out that is staring a pornstar and it's a film about an escort and her relationship and how her business is. It looks interesting, I don't know how I feel about it, but it brings up some good discussion I think.

Anyway, so I hope people find the above interesting.

Also while I was reading Gawker I also came upon some other stories that people may find interesting....one is a show on PBS is discussing the injustice going on with rape kits and how many of them aren't being used and just sit in freezers or something. Here is the link for that story.