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Reflection of class

I think that the final exercise that we did in class where we talked about what we took away from this class was most helpful for me. I have said from the beginning that I feel as though I am a part of the hip hop generation, but doing that exercise really brought everything home for me. It gave me a chance to internalize and process everything that we have covered in class for the past few months and I haven't completely stopped thinking about all the ways that this class has opened my eyes and new doors in myself to new ideas concepts and just coming to the realization that I take a lot of things for granted. I understand more deeply the complexities of tropes of black masculinity/femininity and can pick out more easily when people exploit these tropes all around me (on campus, at work, etc.) and has made me more aware and more likely to speak up and voice my opinion when I hear things that are false or stereotypical.

I want to thank everyone in class for great discussions on all of our topics! They really helped me solidify my own thoughts and feelings about love, motherhood, and womanhood in the hip hop generation. I hope others feel the way I do too! Have a great summer everyone and take care!