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Hello! I wanted to start of my blog by saying that I am really excited about this class. I think that we have had some really exciting discussion so far! I was very intrigued by the exercise that we did in class on Tues. All of the situations were so hard to sift through and I thought that it really made me think outside the box. There are truly so many difficulties that women face when involved in domestic violence situations that are not thought about on a superficial level. I think that it is really important to have a class totally dedicated to minority women because the reality is that no matter how we say   it white is the norm. There are ample statistics, as we have already read, that show a clear line between the treatment of white women and the treatment or brown and black skinned women. Being white does not mean that we don't experience violence it just means that there is one less intersecting layer that is not present that white women have to deal with and that is race. White women can still be poor, or disabled, or gay which gives them other hurdles to deal with but they are not a minority nor do they have a historical history of slavery, genocide, and outright violence which was fully supported by whites.


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The problem with saying white women are the norm though is that then every other person is the OTHER instead of the MAIN topic. When you base it all off whiteness, it will forever be the normative. It shouldn't be. The normative should be more broad than just that.

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