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I just wanted to get a couple things off my chest, that relates to one of our readings by Caroyln West, in Violence within Ethincally and racially Diverse Communities. I really agree with alot of the issues that circulaate around domestic violence iwthin the homes, and what causes it. I understand fully and can relate to alot of the situations they talked about within the book but what i don't undersand and what really bothers me is the fact that some victims are considered unworthy of sympathy when they fight back. As a domestic abuse survivor I would really feel hurt and hopeless if i were to gather the little bit of strength i have to fight back from my predator. Tyr to gather resources and finally leave, and to be turned around or arrested as well for self defense. I just don't understand how and who gets to decide whether someone is unworthy of symppathy and who gets to decide wether its self defense or not. What are the restirctions or what quialifies as self defense?

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