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My introduction to hip hop was on MTV during the mid 90's. I was immediately attracted to it. Groups such as Wu-Tang Clan and Outkast were my favorites as a child. To this day Outkast is still my favorite group and seeing Big Boi perform all the songs I'm familiar with at Soundset last year was my favorite show I've ever been to. My brother bought Stankonia when it was released and I quickly learned their back catalog. A lot of my early exposure was through MTV specifically TRL so I can still recite entire albums such as 2001, and the Slim Shady EP and the Marshall Mathers LP. As I traversed through the grades my tastes and exposure grew immensely. My friends were more east coast oriented so artists like Notorious, Nas, and Jay-Z entered my world. Del the Funky Homosapien's album Deltron 3030 is another album that held great influence on me. Blackstar and their solo work I can also get behind. I could go on but I will keep it terse. Hip Hop appeals to me mostly through the combination of slick production and good flow and cadence; I see the voice as another instrument adding to the overall sound. Lyrically I prefer songs that challenge norms or tell stories, and lyrics that differ from some of the negative connotations of 'rap' music, although I have been known to enjoy songs with questionable lyrical content. My introduction was in the mid nineties. -Ian Foster



Yes, I remember when I first heard Eminem, I was floored. It was also the first year that I taught college. I realized that a lot of my students was coming of age with M.M. Make sure you include an image with your post.

OutKast is a great example of hard-core artists that broke into mainstream music and eventually created the best song (in my and many others' opinion) of the 2000s. Nice call, Ian!

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