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I grew up in a rural area where hip-hop was existent, but not catalyst to most daily lives. My first exposure was due to my mother's shoddy VHS taping of "White Men Can't Jump" featuring Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, and Rosie Perez. The soundtrack featured many hip-hop artists and a "rugged" life very much influenced by the hip-hop presence in Los Angeles in the early 1990s. The sensationalistic plot made me feel a bit like an outsider despite my age--their lives seemed very much within a niche and a little excluding. Then came TLC and Destiny's Child on the radio, and eventually "Video" by India Arie became the anthem to my pre-teens. These artists made me feel included or privy to hip-hop because they sounded and looked like me. My relationship with hip-hop has only gotten stronger with age, as hip-hop, rap, and specifically female rappers have become more mainstream.

Recently artists such as Nicki Minaj and Santigold have coincidentally opened my eyes to male hip-hop artists and rappers. I was reluctant to start listening to Kanye or Jay-Z but as a fan felt obliged to if Nicki or Rihanna were featured in their songs. These additions were reluctant primarily because of the non-inclusive, machismo-pumped lyrics in these songs, but has oddly created a learning and positive attitude towards hip-hop today. It is because of these male artists that I began to expose myself to artists such as AraabMusik, Kid Cudi, Flying Lotus, Danny Brown, and hip-hop in general.



Thank you for sharing! I am not at all embarrassed to say the first album I ever owned was FanMail, which I requested and received for my birthday in the third grade.

I think its important you have an interest in female rappers or females in the hip hop world. Mainstream society (and probably underground) tend to glorify men in all positions in hip hop and women or women identified are often times left out. Probably due to partirarchy or their lack of macho themes. Anyway, I also enjoy hip hop the context of electronic music like flying lotus and the combinations of R&B in Acid Jazz, and even rock/noise rock such as BLK JKS.

Love it, Mali. Keep it coming. Don't forget to upload an image to go with your post!

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