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My first hip-hop encounter occurred about 9years ago. Larkin dance studio brought in their very own hip hop teacher. I remember walking into studio 3, the lights were off, spotlights shining, hip-hop music blasting, don't remember the exact song, the teacher got asked to turn it down several times. I had my brand new Nike's on but still as a tall blonde lanky white girl I was far from "funky" and felt so out of place but it was now a weekly required class and I just had to deal and get used to it. Through the years of taking hip-hop class the whole thing grew on me, the dancing, the beats, the words, the genre of hip-hop. Going to big conventions and learning the origins of popping, locking, and breaking and how it came to be the street dancing we have today. I learned to love it and not only by taking class but being more involved with the music. Although alternative is usually my genre of choice I now listen to more and more rappers and other hip hop artists, some of my favorites being Tech N9ne, Yelawolf, Kanye, and Nicki Minaj, anything easy for my to dance to. Through listening to the music I became better and better at the dancing and was finding myself getting called out on the floor to dance again. I no longer feel out of place in a hip hop class although classical ballet is still my thing. I now go out of my way to take a hip hop class and feel 100% comfortable in it.
-Sammi Sue Fleckner

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That's awesome you got to go to big hip hop conventions, I'd love to know how the origins of street dancing started. All my knowledge comes from watching the step up two movie haha.

Not talk about only dancing, the beats and more see what other do in the game like tyga see his movie trailer

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