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Hip hop did not become a part of my life until around the time I started middle school. Growing up, I listened to music that was played on the local radio station. It played the music that was popular at the time. I was first exposed to hip hop music when the music on that radio station switched from artists like N'SYNC and the Backstreet Boys to Usher and Outkast. I was definitely one of those little girls who loved N'SYNC, still being able to recite all the words to all their songs, but I was intrigued by the new music that was being played on the radio. I would say that although I was exposed to hip-hop in middle school, it was not until high school that it became what I listened to predominantly. This could be for many reasons, including that the hip hop being played on the radio were songs with messages that were inappropriate for a 11 year old little girl to be singing along to. It could also be that I was still stuck in my pop-music stage of life. Once I became more attached to the hip hop genre, I did not feel like an outsider. It was what everyone was listening to, talking about, dancing to. I even took a hip hop dance class to embrace the hip hop culture, although that dream came to an end when I realized I was not meant to be a dancer. I became surrounded by hip hop because it became a very popular genre to listen to.
Although I started listening to hip hop and attempted to become more involved in the hip hop culture, I would say that hip hop does not play a very active role in my life. I love listening to the music and finding new artists to listen to, but hip hop does not make me who I am. I cannot say that hip hop helped me to discover who I am either. It may not have played an important role in my life, but I still love hip hop and I love learning more about the hip hop culture and artists.
The picture I am including is of an Usher CD cover. Usher was one of my favorite artists when I started listening to more and more hip hop. If I could choose any artist to represent my relation to hip hop it would have to be Usher. His music was a big part of my first exposure to hip hop, and was the reason why I kept listening to more and more hip hop.

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