Blog 1: My relation to Hip Hop

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I first heard hip-hop when I was in fourth grade. When I was nine years old, my brother was sixteen and drove me to and from school everyday. He played rap artists such as Twista and Tupac, as well as hip-hop artists such as Ice Cube and Biggie Smalls. I looked up to my brother immensely, so of course hip-hop was the most fascinating thing by association. Sitting in the backseat, I saw my brother get attached to the music while driving. The more I listened to hip-hop, the more I felt connected to my older brother. That is the first time I ever remember having an emotional attachment to music. As I grew up and my brother moved out, hip-hop stuck with me because it is the only type of music able to excite and inspire others vicariously through beats and lyrics. Throughout middle school, Eminem was my favorite artist despite his dark themes. Nonetheless, he was inspirational because of all the hardships he has gone through. As I approached high school, I discovered Rhymesayers entertainment. Slug from Atmosphere, Grieves & Budo, and Macklemore are some of my favorite hip-hop artists because of the perfect combination between beats and influential lyrics. Hip-hop has the power to unite different types of people because it is so decentralized, virtually anyone can enjoy it. It invites listeners in with the catchy beats then flips it upside down with thought-provoking lyrics. Hip-hop is important to me because it brings different types of people together; one single person able to rhyme with emotion has the power to draw listeners in and most importantly, relate.

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