Blog 1: My Relation to Hip Hop

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The first movie that exposed me to hip-hop was "Save the Last Dance," and I was immediately fascinated with the genre's music and dancing. While my sisters were studying the more traditional styles of dance (ballet, tap, etc), I had also been interested in studying dance formally but was turned off by those traditional disciplines. While attending middle school in a small Minnesotan town, a new dance studio opened up that focused on more contemporary styles, namely hip-hop. Though the music was still a bit foreign to me, I was drawn to the intimate relationship that the choreography had with the beats and loved it at first pop-and-lock. Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" was the first song we performed to, and it opened up so many doors to a genre that is now a staple in my everyday music listening. I was not the only one in my class that had little exposure to hip hop music and dance (we were a group of small town white girls), and because of this I never felt intimidated or like an outsider. I'm so glad that my first exposure to hip-hop involved several aspects such as lyrics, beats, and movement, and because of this I have come to appreciate them all and see them as equally important to the genre as a whole. Save-the-Last-Dance pic.jpeg

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