Blog 1: My relation to hip hop

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I was not introduced to hip hop culture until my teenage years. There was a singer called Taeji Seo who introduced incorporating elements of hip hop genre in Korea. He made rap songs by himself and rapped fast, and at that time a lot of people were shocked by his music style. Before long, his music gained sensational popularity in Korea, and I think his songs were the very first hip hop music that I have heard in my life. After entered my high school, I used to listen to American pop music. For example, Eminem was the first hip hop singer that I loved. I even watched the movie 8 miles, and I could better understand hip hop culture after watched the movie. I still listen to hip hop music very often and it makes me exciting and gives strong feeling. My boyfriend also likes hip hop music. Not only does he write lyrics but he also raps. I like to watch him rapping and he sometimes raps for me, not to mention we listening to hip hop music together. To me hip hop culture made a lot of good memories not only in Korea but also here in the US.

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It is really cool how hip hop can be seen in both cultures! Also, to hear that American hip hop music not only influences people's lives in the U.S. but in other countries too shows the impact this music has.

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