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To me, hip hop feminism is grounded in the experience of being a black female, speaking from the self outward in regards to hip hop and everyday life. Bringing to surface and combating intersecting forms of social oppression such as racism, sexism, heterosexism, homophobia, classism, and capitalism especially in regards to hip hop.

What stood out to me in the readings was in Whitney Peoples article, Under Construction, on page 24. How she shed light on mainstream rap music, how it markets ideas of "blackness" to mainstream America. These ideas of "blackness" represent racist, sexist and homophobic ideologies and images that generate economic value. Furthermore, these images represent ideas of black males and inherently violent and aggressive. These images are marketable because we live in a homophobic, sexist and racist culture. Similarly, black women are marketed as hypersexual and submissive. This was evident in the Nicki Minaj video: very sexual appeal, sexual and submissive lyrics.. must I continue...

What makes me somewhat sad actually, is how people, young girls who look up to Nicki Minaj and other sexualized figures. Nicki does not represent black feminism. She is buying/conforming into mainstream ideologies:racism, heteronormativity and especially sexism. My point here is not to 'bash' Nicki, to point out how 'bad' she is. Rather, to shed light on mainstreams societies ideologies that women have to be hypersexual, submissive and etc to be able to be popular world wide, rich. This process is due to capitalistic standards, market human bodies according to certain ideologies. In this case, sexism to the max.

As for hip hop feminism in the twin cities... I wish I knew! Soul Friday is a Queer women of color event. It takes place at Hells Kitchen first Friday of every month. However, it is called Soul Friday, but most of the women there are white... O Minnesota! Also, the Gay 90's has a hip hop dance floor, but, I don't think it has much to do with hip hop feminism. Dessa is a great artist in the cities. She performs poetry, spoken word, raps and teaches music. She is also apart of Doomtree.

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