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I was born in South Korea and I wasn't exposed to hip hop music in my childhood. There were no one how introduced me to the hip hop except one my friend who was a classmate of high school. she used to listen to pop songs, especially American hip hop music at that time. My first exposure to hip hop occurred at my age of 17. On day I asked her what music she used to listen, and my friend let me listen to a music which was American hip hop. I wasn't familiar with the song. I was little surprised because it was too fast and rhythmical music, but I liked it. My friend gave me the file of the song and I used to listen it sometimes with other songs on the way to go to school. The music was Loyal to the game song by 2Pac.


I wasn't able to understand what it was talking about but I like the rhythm so much. Few days later, I searched the music video of this song in Internet, but it wasn't able to find MV. Anyway I became familiar to hip hop music with this experience. I am planning to go to B.O.B concert on October. I still love hip hop music!!

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I can really relate to your experience with hip hop! I was not really exposed to it in my childhood either, but was later on through my older siblings and friends. My first favorite hip hop artist was also 2Pac and I listed to his CD Loyal to the Game endlessly when I first started loving hip hop. I however did not maintain much of a familiarity with hip hop as you have. I would really like to become more of an "insider" however. Enjoy the B.O.B. concert!!

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