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My first exposure to hip hop is that it was the music that the mean popular girls at my middle school listened to. I was an sheltered, awkward, bookish kid thrown into a world with these worldly twelve year olds who knew all the swear words. I remember we had a Health and Fitness class every week, which was already terrible because it meant sweating and talking about bodies, but then it was made even worse because we were allowed to listen to the radio and it would always be mainstream hip hop because that's what most people wanted to listen to. At that point in my life I purposely decided not to listen to rap music because it's what the mean girls listened to and I didn't want to be like them.
While that position helped me survive middle school, I've since expanded my horizions and now listen to quite a bit of hip hop, especially indie and local hip hop, and I've fallen a little but in love. I have spent a ridiculous amount of the last year listening to or just thinking about Doomtree. You should all watch them go be awesome and steampunk!

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