Country Grunge meets Hip Hop Girl

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I grew up in a rural area of South Jersey where there were more cows than people and everyone listened to country music. With a few exceptions, like my father, who had a collection of 80's punk/grunge vinyl records that I was fed a steady diet of through my adolescence. Being raised in these two environments didn't leave much room for exposure to hip-hop. On the first day of 8th grade I met a new girl from North Jersey who listened to hip-hop, lots of hip-hop. The first song I ever heard wasn't on the radio or through MTV, but through this girl singing at the top of her lungs. After becoming friends with her I was finally emerged in the hip-hop world. I considered myself an outsider then and I still do today.

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As like you, I also had rare chance to listen Hip hop in my childhood. it seems that you met hip hop music when you are a kid. I am kind jealous you! My first exposure to hip hop occurred when I was 17 years old from one of my classmate. I got little shock at the first time, but I became to like the song which my friend introduced to me. I am not a big fan of hip hop music, but I listen to hip hop when I want to change of air becuase some rhythm of hip hop music makes me feel excited. Like this, hip hop just came to me in sudden.

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