Hip Hop and Me!

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When it comes to hip hop, I consider myself an outsider. I grew up in the suburbs of Andover Mn, where the norm is to listen to pop music. In spite of my naivety, the genre/culture still fascinates me. A friend recently introduced me to Atmosphere, and that was my first time being exposed to hip hop. I love the depth of the lyrics and the beats. MIA is another artist that I enjoy. When MIA started playing in class, I had the urge to dance. I hope to learn much more about hip hop in this class. This culture is out of my element, but I think it is important to become educated on subjects outside of one's comfort zone.

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I understand what you mean when you say that you feel like an outside when it comes to Hip Hop. The only real exposure I have had to Hip Hop is through dance because I competed in Hip Hop and other genres of dance from a young age, but that does not mean I know anything about it. I am also excited for this class. Together we will learn and become educated about the Hip Hop culture!

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