Hip Hop Feminism: B Gurl Be

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To me, hip hop feminism is the emergence of the female race into a genre of music that has been dominated by men since the dawn of its birth. It's telling/showing women you don't have to dance in a risque fashion or in a way that is sexualised to be hip hop. That it's about expressing yourself and dancing in a way that makes you feel good. Not only through dance, but expressing yourself through graffiti, break dancing, MCing, and DJing.

People wonder where my secret lies.
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size;
... it's in the reach of my arms,
the span of my hips,
the stride of my step,
the curl of my lips.

... it's the fire in my eyes,
and the flash of my teeth,
the swing in my waist,
and the joy in my feet.

... it's in the arch of my back,
the sun of my smile,
the ride of my breasts,
the grace of my style.

... it's in the click of my heels,
the bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand."

- Excerpts from Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou

I found this quote on the intermedia arts webpage. I thought it was a good representation of how dance is reflective of who you are, and how you represent yourself. One of their programs is called B Gurl Be, which celebrates women in the world of hip hop. They have a variety of workshops, classes, and day camps. A couple include;Hip hop history, culture, and creation. Which shows boys and girls the power of authentic hip hop through dance, vocals, graffiti, and spoken word. It explains how hip hop is a radical form of social commentary, community engagement and protest for communities of color. Another class, Project Girl: A girls guide to de-mediafying her life, lets girls express their reactions of the world around them through rapping, writing, speaking, and painting.
I think hip hop feminism is a huge step forward in the viewpoint of women in this genre. Showing the world that females roles in hip hop goes way beyond the stereotypical image of poping, locking, and dropping in booty shorts.

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I have never heard of this group before, and it seems very cool. I like that children are welcome in the group. I found it interesting that they teach you how to do graffiti, and I am a fan of looking at it. However, I'm curious if there's any legal issues with that, because isn't graffiti illegal?

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